Year 8

Welcome to your page Year 8. This is a place where you can make comments share ideas and unfortunately in this instance find out what your HWK is.

Volcanoes HWK

 Click here to visit the site. On the site click on the small volcano icon to select the volcano page. Read the different pages on volcanoes. Click on build your own volcano and follow the instructions. Sketch each type of volcano in your book. Underneath explain what happens when it erupts. You must have at least 3 sketches in your books.  Remember there are different types of volcano, list all the different types below your sketches.

As always any problems post below.

Ecosystems Homework

After your fantastic ecosystem presentations I would like us to look deeper into human impacts upon ecosystems. Click here to find out about 5 of the worlds most endangered animals.


  1. In your book stick a picture of each animal (you may not use the one from this site)
  2. Describe the location of where each animal is found
  3. Is the animal under threat from Humans? If so what are humans doing to endanger it.
  4. Choose one of the endangered animals. Write a 5 point action plan which gives measures which could stop this animal becoming extinct.

Optional extra: Find out about other endangered animals. How many are there?


23 Responses to “Year 8”

  1. lucy Pemberton Says:

    Mr. Moncur,

    I have looked on google images and i typed in Giant Jewel, Giant Jewel Bug and The giant Jewel bug,

    Loads of Bugs have come up but NONE of them look like the one on the bbc picture.
    Lucy Pemberton 8E

  2. Emily themistocleous Says:


    I have the same problem with lucy. I searched for pictures for the Giant jewel bug and the Rabbs fringe-limbed tree frog and i can either find the picture you have on bbc or i find completely different animals

    Thank you
    Emily themistocleous 8E

    • Mr M Says:


      I have added an update to the page. You can use the pix from the site. In future apply the 10 min rule to searching the net, i.e. if you dont find it after 10 mins either change your search or move on as you are unlikely to find it after that.

      Hope that helps

      Mr M

  3. Monty Eayrs Says:

    hey mr moncur
    on the website the pictures aren’t showing for me so i have no idea which animals to do – should i search for endangered animals or can you list the animals?
    thank you
    monty eayrs 8B

    • Mr M Says:

      Why are they not showing, I have just been on the site and they are there. If you cannot access the site then choose 5 endangered animals of your own.

  4. Kirsty Coyle Says:

    Mr. Moncur,
    I’ve tried looking up pretty much everyhting for a Jewel bug for photos and haven’t come up with anything. Is it all right if i jsut bullet point things about it with no added photo?

    Thanks 😀
    Kirsty 8b

  5. Milan Malik Says:

    hi Mr.Moncur
    instead of doing it on my book can i do it on word and then print it out?
    Milan Malik 8B

  6. Jake O Says:

    Earth Quake

  7. Louisa MacDonald Says:

  8. Shwan Adam Says:

    Hello Mr M,
    Here is a video of these people who pictured a tornado through the window of thier car i think… But its good quality 🙂

    Tornado’s :

    Tc, Shwan Adam 8e

  9. safeya Alaali Says:

    how many volcanos are we suppose to draw?

  10. Milan Malik Says:

    Hi Mr.Moncur
    For the volcano poster does the information have to be hand written?

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