Year 13

Year 13: Welcome to your page. Beautiful isnt it.

Economic benefits of tourism to the UK This article outlines the economic benefits of tourism to the UK  (you need to open the PDF called economic case for tourism on the right side). Skim read it and add the extra information to your UK tourism case study. This is especially relevant for the question we discussed on Sunday related to how tourism income can be used to benefit a country economically. It is a big article so just add in your notes any examples of how tourism directly or indirectly benefits the UK economy. To save time and in the interests of collaborative learning post any points related to how tourism benefits the UK economy at the bottom of this page. Be specific and add specific facts to support. 

Homework Task

Visit have a snoop around as this is an excellent source of tourist data.  Choose the country you carried out your presentation on and find its historic tourist data from here

Once you have found the data for your country display it in an appropriate graph. Give a written explanation for the data, discuss reasons for amount of tourists and any reasons for  the trends shown. Then hand to me for checking

Utilising the Web

The internet is a wonderful tool but it can prove cumbersome and time consuming due to its epic size. Try the following tutorial which will help you become smarter in your research, it will save you time and the headache of not finding what you are looking for.

Heritage Sites under threat

Have a look at the images of these UN world heritage sites which are under threat from a variety of human actions and think about the implications for managing such important tourist attractions. How could they be saved?


4 Responses to “Year 13”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hello 🙂
    Economic benefits of tourism to the UK
    Direct [2007]:
    – £52 billion
    – 3.7% UK GDP
    – 1.36 million jobs
    – Seaside direct contribution £8.9bn
    – London receives biggest direct contribution £14

    – £14 billion GDP (8.2%)
    – £2.65 million jobs (8.4%)
    – South West England, Scotland, Wales receives most indirect contribution, after London, even though their direct investment is much less (more than half less) of London’s
    – Tourism has helped develop the health sector; new tourism market- Health Tourism – hospitals offer non-medical services such as pick up from airport/accomodation on site for patients and relatives
    – Retail market benefits. Shooping in London by international tourists >£1bn and shopping wasn’t their primary reason for coming to London, therefore spillover benefit
    – Choice for locals increases as government providing facilities/products for tourists which locals can benefit from and use. Brighton has vibrant attractions and a good antural environment which attracts tourists and has been kept that way for the locals.

  2. Suzi Hobday Says:

    Tourism Effects on UK economy

    3.7% of GDP from direct visitor economy
    4.5% of GDP from indirect visitor economy
    in total that is around 114 billion UK pounds

    It is predicted that there will be more employment, more businesses and an increased need for urban regeneration

    There is a risk that the UK is not prioritising tourism.
    The capacity/quality of the infrastructure will have an impact on the visitor economy and numbers that visit the UK.
    Taxes and visa controls are becoming more strict on the UK border which will discourage people to visit the UK.
    Tourism industry also has to make an effort to work within the new climate change legislation which means more time and effort and some may not be able to afford to do this.

  3. Laura Dewar Says:

    How Tourism directly/indirectly benefits UK economy.

    Direct –
    – 52 billion UK pounds/3.7% of the GDP.
    – 1.36 million jobs in 2007.
    – Nominal terms rose from 85 billion UK pounds in 2005 –> 86 billion UK pounds in 2007.

    Indirect/Direct –
    – 82% of national GDP in 2007 – 114 billion UK pounds.

    Indirect –
    – Other sectors benefit.
    – Aids the buying/selling of goods.
    – Creates and supports jobs.
    – Health care and life sciences benefit from medical tourism.
    – Supply chains –> aid manufacturing sector.
    – Economic/Social Inclusion – job provision for those with few skills/part time workers.
    – Useful for enterprising –> Helpful for production with economic growth.
    – 11.5% of UK businesses related to tourist industry.
    – Regneration and urban development (eg Salford Quays project).
    London receives 14.2 billion UK pounds + 1.7 billion UK pounds from retail shopping.
    South West –> 6.3 billion UK pounds. (highest tourism contribution receivers)

  4. Rohma Akmal Says:

    Tourism is worth £114.4bn in the UK’s economy = 8.2% of the UK’s GDP in 2007
    Tourism sector supports 2.6 million jobs which comprise of 1.4 million directly and 1.3 million indirectly
    Inbound visits amount to 29.9 million (2009) where up to £16.2 million are spent (decrease by 10%)
    Domestic trips within UK amounted to £20.9 billion in 2009

    Direct contribution makes up to £52 billion, 3.7% of the GDP.
    Indirect impact – £114 billion (including direct)

    Indirect benefits:
    Provides opportunities to wide range of laborers – unskilled/low skilled/part-time etc…
    Local supply chains are able to develop and flourish as a result of tourism – strengthens local businesses
    Can result in rejuvenation of previously declining areas e.g. Salford Quays

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